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One day e bike hire

Listed is 4 options but if you have a better plan we will make it work for you.


Return downhill to Alexandra from Poolburn Valley

You can store your car free, "all care no responsibility" at our place. E bkes can be selected if not already selected. E bikes and passengers will be then taken to the start of your ride back to Alexandra/Clyde. This downhill 46km ride from Auripo Rd to Alexandra has a height difference of over 300 meters. You will go through 2 tunnels and over many bridges. There are many places to stop and have a coffee etc. This a very popular option. Cost is bike hire plus transport $100  i.e. two people $50


Check out google maps.


Peddle 4 Pinot

The Pedal 4 Pinot trail offers a self-guided free fun map to navigate a 25km loop around the Alexandra Basin.

                        The trail provides opportunities to taste delicious wines, visit boutique tasting rooms and enjoy the stunning Centralscenery along the way.


The Rail Trail and the River Trail

I recommend starting at Alexandra and traveling on the Rail Trail to Clyde and back using the River Trail. This gives the rider the opportunity to get the feel of the e bike on a relatively flat and straight trail. Lots to view and Clyde has much to offer.

Central Otago a world of difference


Maybe a craft beer and pizza at FERRIS ROAD BREWERY on the way back.     7 Ngapara Street

Central Otago a world of difference


Dunstan Trail

Cromwell to Clyde and the Rail Trail or the River Trail/Roxburgh Gorge Trail.

This trail is on the opposite side of Lake Dunstan compared to State Highway 8 

The trail is 1 to 2.5 meters wide and the length more than 50 km. Check out the suspension bridge, and cantilevered trail off rock bluffs. 


While the Dunstan trail can be done in both directions. From experience when starting from Clyde dam I am usually picking up customers in the Bannockburn area. I would recommend you travel in this direction because the road is nearby when you decide to stop.  Also when traveling in that direction you will be on the hill side of the trail when you meet oncoming cyclists.

Having said that, the wind can be a deciding factor.


In the pictured above you can see the Bannockburn bridge and you can see the added walkway/bike access. I know some users have made a mistake in going the wrong direction at this T junction on the Bannockburn side.

If approaching this bridge from Clyde going to Cromwell you turn right and go under the bridge.

When crossing the bridge from Cromwell turn left as soon as you leave the bridge and travel on the trail towards Clyde                                        ( do not turn right then use the road )

Otago Daily Times link below



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